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777 Charlie Review

1. USER REVIEWS – 7/10 – 777 Charlie Review

777 Charlie’s teaser immediately piqued my interest, and I made plans to attend it in a theater at the very least for the Journey episode to see Dharma and Charlie’s blossoming romance. After seeing this movie in a theater, I feel compelled to express my feelings regarding the rollercoaster trip that was this film.

The main storyline is that when Charlie comes into contact with Dharma, an introvert and stoic, it transforms his life and lets him understand how beautiful life is.

It’s easy to observe how his character, Charlie, transforms into an ordinary member of the audience.

777 Charlie Review – 2022 – Movie Reviews

I was able to experience Dharma’s feelings throughout the film, even though I am not a big fan of pets.

Because of his history, Rakshith Shetty portrayed a persona that was aloof, antisocial and more of an introvert. He captivates us with his superb acting in each scene.

Director’s choice of earlier sequences to show us his worst moments, despite my displeasure. Except for that, the first half of the film was pristine.

Early on in the film, I felt a connection to him that I didn’t feel afterward. It was mostly on Dharma’s resistance to the outside world and his relationship with Charlie, including how and why they became so close.

His transformation from lonesome to lovable as a result of Charlie and that little youngster was fantastic.

In the role of Dr. Ashwin Kumar, Raj B. Shetty made us laugh every time we saw him on film. Sangeetha Sringeri’s performance as Devika was excellent. After the first half, we begin to feel the film’s power. In the first half, we were smitten with these two characters.

One is Bhargavi Narayan Mam, while the other is child performer Sharvari as Adrika. Adrika’s persona was so adorable that her grin and voice brought a dose of sweetness to the screen. A good ending to the first half is in order.

During the second part of the story, we learn about Dharma’s journey and his difficulties to fulfill Charlie’s dream.

The first half of the film makes us feel like we’re on a trip with the characters, and then the stage makes us shed a few tears, particularly with two or three sequences, no matter how hard we try not to.

I didn’t notice any sluggishness in this portion. Bhumi’s persona and dog show were deemed unnecessary by some, who argued that they had no connection to the film’s main narrative.

To portray Dharma-life Charlie’s path, there would be both highs and lows. Both of them were necessary. In the course of their voyage, they will draw inspiration from the personalities they meet and enlighten us about the depth of their bond.

It is at this moment in Dharma’s Struggles that we learn that he was willing to give up everything to attain the goal he had set out for himself at the beginning of the film.

The way he brings passion to the action, especially in the conclusion, made me give up on acting. It was his greatest performance to date in my opinion. It’s a film that will be talked about for years to come.

I was also left wondering why Bhargavi Narayan Mam’s part in the story was never properly explained. But there’s still more to say about this emotional trip that isn’t quite expressible in words. One thing is for sure: this picture is a must-see.

Thank you very much to Director Kiranraj, Rakshith Shetty, and the rest of the cast and crew for putting in so much time and effort to bring us this beautiful story. My favorite songs from the playlist were O’Ga, Sahapati, and Journey.

Thank you, Nobin Paul. Welcome to (The fire raised the stakes considerably). Colors were added to each scene by Aravind Kashyap’s cinematography. Dharma, Charlie, and I would thank each other in the same manner.

Thanks to Charlie and the rest of the team for sharing this with us. Some films need to succeed not just at the box office, but also by attracting the widest possible audience and being praised for the theatrical experience they provided.

Glad to hear that it’s being well-received by audiences in other states. This sort of film with outstanding substance should always be allowed to enter the Indian market, and it should be a success. Our KFI will be eager to witness tales of this kind.

2. USER REVIEWS – 7/10 – 777 Charlie Review

3. USER REVIEWS – 7/10 – 777 Charlie Review


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