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Agastya Nanda is a young and talented individual whose passion for creativity and innovation knows no bounds. Born with a creative flair, Agastya has made significant contributions in various fields, showcasing his extraordinary talents. With a curious mind and a desire to make a positive impact, Agastya continues to charm and inspire those around him.


Film TitleThe Archies
Release Year2023
DirectorZoya Akhtar
ProducersZoya Akhtar, Reema Kagti, Sharad Devarajan
Production CompanyTiger Baby Films, Graphic India
Main CastAgastya Nanda, Khushi Kapoor, Suhana Khan, Vedang Raina, Mihir Ahuja, Aditi “Dot” Saigal, Yuvraj Menda
GenreTeen, Musical, Comedy
PlotA live-action adaptation of “The Archies,” a fictional rock band from the 1960s animated cartoon, The Archie Show (based on Archie Comics).
CinematographyNikos Andritsakis
MusicShankar–Ehsaan–Loy, Jim Satya, Ankur Tewari, The Islanders, Aditi “Dot” Saigal
LocationsOoty, Mauritius, Mumbai
Release Date22 November 2023 (Premiere), 7 December 2023 (Netflix)

Early Life

Agastya Nanda was born and raised in Austin, Texas, United States. He is the son of Shweta Bachchan and Nikhil Nanda. Agastya is known for being the maternal grandson of Indian actors Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan. He moved to India to pursue a career in the film industry and has made his debut as an actor. Agastya Nanda comes from a prominent Bollywood family and has garnered attention for his talent and lineage.


Shweta Bachchan-NandaNavya Naveli Nanda
Nikhil Nanda
Raj Kapoor
Krishna Kapoor
Amitabh Bachchan
Jaya Bachchan
Ritu Nanda
Rajan Nanda
Agastya Nanda is the son of Shweta Bachchan-Nanda and Nikhil Nanda. His maternal grandparents are Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan. His paternal grandparents are Raj Kapoor and Krishna Kapoor. Agastya also has a sister named Navya Naveli Nanda. He comes from a prestigious Bollywood family and is known for being the maternal grandson of Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements


Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Agastya Nanda’s Relationship
Suhana KhanGirlfriend
Gauri KhanGirlfriend

Agastya Nanda is currently in a relationship with Suhana Khan.

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Career, Achievements, and Controversies – Agastya Nanda

Agastya Nanda, the grandson of Amitabh Bachchan, gained fame due to his family legacy. Being born into the renowned Bachchan family in the Indian film industry, he garnered attention from the media and the public from a young age.

Agastya Nanda made his debut in the film industry with Zoya Akhtar’s movie “The Archies.” Although acting may not have been his initial career choice, he received the opportunity to showcase his talent and explore the world of cinema through this project. The film gained attention, and Agastya’s performance was appreciated by both critics and the audience.

As of now, Agastya Nanda has not received any official awards or nominations. However, his debut film has showcased his potential, and he is anticipated to receive recognition for his talent in the future.

Agastya Nanda has been surrounded by controversies, primarily regarding his sudden entry into the film industry and questions about his acting skills and business ventures. Some individuals have expressed doubt about his abilities and criticized his appearance on the cover of a magazine called Entrepreneur without any visible business or acting accomplishments. These controversies have sparked debates and discussions among fans and media outlets.


Agastya Nanda – FAQs

Q: Who Is Agastya Nanda?

A: Agastya Nanda is the son of Bollywood actors Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. He was born on November 20, 2000.

Q: Does Agastya Nanda Have Any Siblings?

A: Yes, Agastya Nanda has an elder sister named Aaradhya Bachchan who was born on November 16, 2011.

Q: Is Agastya Nanda Interested In Acting Like His Parents?

A: While Agastya Nanda has been seen accompanying his parents at various events and functions, there has been no official announcement regarding his interest in acting or career plans.

Q: What Is Agastya Nanda’s Educational Background?

A: Agastya Nanda completed his schooling at Sevenoaks School, located in Kent, England. Further details about his higher education or career choices are not publicly known.

Q: Is Agastya Nanda Active On Social Media?

A: Agastya Nanda does not have any public social media accounts. He prefers to maintain a private and low-key profile.

Q: Are There Any Future Film Projects Or Appearances For Agastya Nanda?

A: As of now, there have been no official announcements about Agastya Nanda’s involvement in any film projects or public appearances.


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