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Beast Movie Review – Movie Reviews

01. USER REVIEWS – 3/10 – Beast Movie Review

I’m about to start writing a Beast Movie Review. Nelson’s most recent film, “Doctor,” was a true first for the Tamil audience in the action-comedy genre. Yes, there were some unnecessary spoofs inserted to appease the hardline masses, which detracted from the seriousness of the tale, but it was overall a nice viewing film.

Beast Movie Review - 2022 -Movie Reviews

Beast Movie Review – 2022 -Movie Reviews


With Beast, he goes all out with superstar Vijay, only to sabotage the most fundamental, straightforward laws of filmmaking. Vijay, on the other hand, comes from a mediocre film called “Master,” which was salvaged by director Lokesh Kanagaraj. Beast provides him with a large, bulky avatar, but not with style or sense.

If you’ve seen the Bruce Willis-starrer “Die Hard” (1988) or the latest Hindi remake “Sanak” (2021), I doubt you’ll find much fresh in Beast’s plot, except for action and intense patriotism. Imagine those two flicks with a regional comic flavor, and Beast is the closest thing you’ll get.

The film follows Veer Raghavan, a bright and patriotic RAW agent who resigns following a tragic and unwelcome occurrence. Even after quitting RAW, he struggles to overcome the trauma with the aid of a therapist.

He finds a job at a firm with the aid of his girlfriend, Preeti (Pooja Hegde), and visits a shopping mall, which is subsequently kidnapped by terrorists. Veer chooses to save the captives for mental tranquility, which has something to do with the prior trauma. The rest of the story is around the problems he has throughout the war and how he deals with terrorists and politicians in order to fulfill the objective.

The writing of this film is really troublesome. You have no idea how many terrorists are in there since Veer simply dispatches them while still having many more.

Veer’s methods succeed at times and fail at others, but he has counter-options for every terrorist maneuver. There are a lot of surprises in store, and some of them are rather intriguing, but I’m afraid I can’t reveal them all right now. The terrible writing and nonsensical storyline are what pull Beast down.

The picture is plagued by superfluous humor, which detracts from the gravity of a dreadful event like the hijacking. It’s impossible to explain why captives were having a good time and cracking jokes throughout the hijacking. I couldn’t stand the cheesiness of the romance and jealousy scenes. Come on, you’re the hostages being held captive by scary terrorists; exhibit a smidgeon of dread.

Thalapathy Vijay’s Veer Raghavan is a part built for him. He’s got swag, a style that drives his admirers wild, and a larger-than-life presence in the movie.

Thankfully, Pooja Hegde has a lot of screen time, and she has a fun part here. Because the entire theme takes place in survival mode, there is very little room for Pooja and Vijay’s chemistry, although they do have a start and a beautiful song together. Yogi Babu does what he does best: he makes people laugh! Every member of the supporting cast gets a considerable amount of screen time in Beast. At various points during the film, Selvaraghavan, Redin Kingsley, Bjorn Surrao, Aparna Das, Shaji Chen, Shine Tom Chacko, and Ankur Ajit Vikal appear.

With ‘Arabic Kuthu,’ Anirudh has created yet another chart-topping hit. For Vijay and Pooja Hegde lovers, the complete video single is nothing short of a musical and dancing feast. Man, Vijay has some serious dance moves. Killer!

And Pooja Hedge looks stunning in that ethereal ensemble. Just wait for the whole video song to be published, and you’ll be completely enthralled. However, we have that energizing background soundtrack to get you moving.

Given Vijay’s swag in Thupakki, Mersal, Sarkar, and Master, the lines should have been better. Because he is the people’s sweetheart, he deserves better lines that may elicit mass frenzy in auditoriums. The action, on the other hand, is enjoyable. The stunning action sequences are a sight for sore eyes, no matter how dreadful the pre-action conditions are.

If anyone is to blame for the awful writing, it has to be director Nelson Dilipkumar. It’s a major error to use that uncomfortable image to carry on a bad plot. Nelson makes a lot of blunders, and this is the film’s worst flaw. Those blunders in irrational situations are forgivable, but the director’s logical affirmation is not.

Why do you need those comedic sections when you’re trying to build an action thriller, especially one with a hijacking theme? The doctor didn’t mind that the protagonist was fighting the battle alone, rather than in the midst of a mob of hundreds of people. The cringe plotting could have simply been deleted, and Beast could have easily made it an entertaining event. Regrettably, this does not occur, and the picture succumbs to its outmoded plot and mediocre presentation. Overall, Pooja Hegde’s beauty and Vijay’s Beast mode may appeal to some of their followers, but not to others. For them, it’s a form of torment.

02. USER REVIEWS – 6/10 – Beast Movie Review

I’m about to start writing a Beast Movie Review. Although I was never convinced that Nelson Dilipkumar was a good director, some endearing aspects of his earlier films, such as “Kolamaavu Kokila (2018)” and “Doctor (2021), included his ability to churn out the humor in the most unexpected of circumstances, as well as his attention to detail in his character sketches. However, his current film, “Beast,” falls short on all counts, as well as providing insufficient mass elevating moments and fan service to make it even watchable for Vijay fans.

Beast Movie Review - 2022 -Movie Reviews

Beast Movie Review – 2022 -Movie Reviews

Vijay plays “Veera Raghavan,” a former intelligence officer who is stranded in a mall Die Hardstyle as the establishment is run over by a group of armed terrorists, as the teasers and trailer primarily hinted.

The remainder of this hackneyed narrative is around how he utilizes his fists and brains to battle his way out of the apparently intractable crisis and rescue the folks trapped inside. While the storyline’s predictability may be forgiven, the supporting cast’s superficiality throws the whole movie-going experience into disarray, with the antagonists in particular reduced to caricatures with no depth or character arcs to speak of.

And the humor that has been Nelson’s trademark fails to take flight. While veteran VTV Ganesh manages to elicit a few laughs with a few one-liners, Yogi Babu and Redin Kingsley are given precious little original dialogue to work with.

As with many recent Vijay films, the female protagonists—Pooja Hegde and Aparna Das—reduce to basic also-there cliches. Shine Tom Chacko, a character actor who gained millions of admirers across the country with his tremendous performances in “Kurup (2021)” and “Bheeshma Parvam (2022), was relegated to such a lame-duck side role was particularly heartbreaking to see.

Stunt scenes in blockbuster movies have always straddled the line between unrealistic and plain impossible, but where Beast falls short is in trying to add eccentricity, which reduces the plausibility element to none while increasing the cringe level to maximum. Despite having a superstar of Vijay’s natural charm and agility at their disposal, none of the action choreography manages to stun or surprise you, despite having evident ‘inspiration’ derived from “Money Heist.”

Unimaginative, unoriginal stunt scenes, as well as a slew of badly written, undeveloped supporting characters, undid Vijay’s strategy in trying to extend his appeal by imbuing Nelson’s distinctive wit and humor into his celebrity image with “Beast.” Nelson plainly had to forsake his natural storytelling approach in order to fit his lead actor’s’superstar’ image, and by forcing Vijay to dominate every sequence, the storyline’s narrative depth and emotional effect suffered.

A disastrous, over-the-top, cringe-pro-max ultra-final act will render you speechless (in a bad way) and make you flee the theatre screaming. Finally, we got to hear the best parts of “Beast” even before it was released in theaters—its two fantastic songs “Arabic Kuthu” and “Jolly O Gymkhana,” as well as the film’s killer BGM. You should stay away from this dumpster fire at all costs. Not recommended!


03. USER REVIEWS – 5/10 – Beast Movie Review

I’m about to start writing a Beast Movie Review. I’ve been a Vijay fan since I first saw Thuppakki when I was ten or eleven years old (I can’t remember exactly how old I was, but who cares). After seeing Beast, I had great hopes for this picture, from the action to the humor to the music, as well as viewing all of the promotions, songs, and trailers. Now that I’ve seen the movie, I’m terribly dissatisfied.

Beast Movie Review - 2022 -Movie Reviews

Beast Movie Review – 2022 -Movie Reviews

To begin, I’d want to compliment the film’s visuals, VFX, action stunts, music, casting, and everything else. The only issue was the film’s, storyline, and villain’s slowness.

I was looking forward to seeing the first half of the movie. Seeing Thalapathy Vijay in front of my eyes, understanding the plot, what he did as the protagonist, and what his purpose was.

Then we see Veera (Vijay) meet Pooja Hegde for the first time, which was a fast introduction for her, and watching Arabic Kuthu being performed was fantastic. I liked watching Vijay and Pooja dance to the song together. Then we see Vijay in the mall (I’m not going to tell what occurred at the mall right now). Overall, the first half was routine and satisfactory. Everything went bad after the intermission.

The sceneries began to lag and continued to lag for an extended period of time. The mall climactic scenario was a letdown. And the climactic sequence at the end was okay, although it didn’t appear to be technically accurate or conceivable, but we’ll overlook that. The only thing I have to say about the antagonist is that he wasn’t the best! Then, just to make us feel better, Jolly O Gymkhana was played! And it was entertaining to see. I wasn’t pleased (obviously!) to see Nelson on-screen dancing to the music after viewing the entire movie.

I watched this picture at an Odeon (a cinema chain in the United Kingdom) and we assumed it had a 15 rating, but it turned out to have a 12A, which meant that almost all of the action and violent sequences had been deleted, which was disappointing and made me unhappy. This is because we booked the film days before the first-day showing and it didn’t reflect the film’s age rating online. They claimed it was primarily going to be a 15, so we took it for granted until we got at the theater, where the film turned out to be a 12A! Other theater companies, such as Vue and Cineworld, insist it’s a 15, however it was a 12A at Odeon. That really destroyed the situation.

Other theater companies, such as Vue and Cineworld, insist it’s a 15, however it was a 12A at Odeon. That spoiled the movie-going experience for me much more!

When compared to his previous films like Master, Bigil, Sarkar, and others, I believe this to be at least a decent picture, if not a blockbuster. It pains me to confess what I did. I’m hoping Thalapathy 66 improves my and everyone else’s moods.

Beast Movie Review - 2022 -Movie Reviews

Beast Movie Review – 2022 -Movie Reviews

04. USER REVIEWS – RATING upcoming – Beast Movie Review

05. USER REVIEWS – RATING upcoming – Beast Movie Review

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