Brahmastra Part One Shiva Review – 2022 – Movie Reviews

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Brahmastra Part One Shiva Review

1. USER REVIEWS – 9/10 – Brahmastra Part One Shiva Review

For the first time in like eight months, I woke up at six in the morning only to see this movie. I wanted to walk into the 8:30 AM showing with an open mind.

The first installment of the Brahmastra series, titled Shiva, is indeed a graphically impressive sight. It is worthwhile to watch. More films based on mythology or other forms of fantasy are desperately needed. In Indian culture, there are thousands of tales. The movie will take you on an exciting journey. We must express our support for films like this to encourage other filmmakers to create original narratives.

In the end, the first act is the greatest (because it focuses on the formation of love), and it concludes with a boom that leaves you wanting more before the break. However, the second act is poorly written, drawn out, and filled with narrations. And the last act is a VFX extravaganza filled with plot gaps and strange decisions.

Brahmastra Part One Shiva Review – 2022 – Movie Reviews

Brahmastra Part One Shiva Review – 2022 – Movie Reviews

Now, onto the narrative itself.

As you all should already be aware from the director’s explanation video that is hosted on YouTube, the plot focuses mostly on a romantic relationship. It’s been said that love is the connection between you and the rest of the universe or something along those lines. However, the audience, who have been used to being entertained by movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, may not be interested in a love story being used as the vehicle for the whole film.

The visual effects are amazing! Outstanding effort by Prime Focus. On the other hand, there are moments when it seems like too much. In addition, I do not get the rationale behind the use of such vivid color combinations at times.

This film has two significant cameo appearances by other actors. Only a small part of it is essential to the narrative as a whole. The other one isn’t necessary at all.

There are several legal loopholes. In addition, there is a great deal of verbal diarrhea throughout the whole film. I mean, at this point, everyone is aware that you need to depict the parts of the story where the characters learn things via the trip that they go on. However, there are a “few” large conveniences that can be found in this area, which might distract you from the plot. There are many different types of narrations. There are no substantial character developments, and the character arcs that are there are not clearly defined. There is always an uncomplicated route out via narrative if our main character becomes stuck in a quagmire.

Dialogues are clumsy.

But, hey, we need to tell them that for them to do better in the next portion. As a result, you guys need to go see this movie and provide your feedback on it. There is undoubtedly room for improvement in the following film’s production. The vision of the filmmaker, the primary lead performers, and the VFX crew all deserve praise.

Keep things simple and avoid drawing comparisons to the comic book adaptations Hollywood produces. U will like it.


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