brain exercises for memory-Mentally Sharp

brain exercises for memory-Mentally Sharp

brain exercises for memory-Mentally Sharp

We all know that we need to exercise our bodies in order to stay physically fit. But what about our brains? In this blog post, I’m going to share some of the best brain exercises you can do each day for a few minutes at a time that will help keep your mind sharp!


brain exercises for memory-Mentally Sharp
brain exercises for memory-Mentally Sharp


– Take a Break and Do Something You Love

Taking regular breaks from anything is good not only for your body but also for your mental state. When you take short breaks like doing something that you enjoy or reading an article related to what we’re working on it actually makes us more productive than if we don’t because it gives us “time out” where we are able to clear our minds which allows us then be more present when coming back into focus.

brain exercises for memory-Mentally Sharp

– Take a Memory Walk

This is simply going for a walk and paying attention to things that you may have seen before. Think about what the place might smell like, or how it feels on your feet walking through different textures of ground. The idea is not only to take in new sights but also smells, feelings, etc. This will help stimulate both sides of our brains which helps us create more memories!

– Use Mnemonic Devices When Learning New Things

Mnemonics are little tricks we can use when we learn something new by using an acronym where each letter stands for one word representing the phrase being memorized such as “HOMES” standing for ‘The Great Lakes”. Or “ROY G BIV” meaning the colors of light in the rainbow.

– Take a Brain Teaser Break Every Hour

Brain teasers are little puzzles that require some thought and reasoning to solve, such as completing the missing letters in a word puzzle or finding out which images go together on an image jumble puzzle. They can be anything from simple crossword puzzles to Sudoku games with different difficulty levels; all they need is for you to use your brain!

brain exercises for memory-Mentally Sharp

– Learn New Things Everyday

It’s important when we want our brains sharpened up not only do we exercise them but also work hard at learning new things every day – this includes reading books, listening to podcasts, and watching educational videos online. The key here is just making sure it’s something that will stimulate your brain and make it want to work hard.

– Break Every Hour

Furthermore, when we do break every hour in the day – this means taking a five-minute break away from your desk or computer screen for things such as going outside for fresh air or standing up at your desk – it’ll improve our concentration levels throughout the day. For instance, if you take just these little breaks of working on something entirely different like reading an interesting article online then return back where you were before (reading emails), chances are that will help stop us from getting bored so quickly with what we’re doing!

brain exercises for memory-Mentally Sharp

Have fun with a jigsaw puzzle


-Take a walk

-Play Sudoku or any other brain game

-Work on your mental math skills by doing simple addition and subtraction in your head, for instance: 123 + 328 = 450 -Solve a Math problem as quickly as possible without using pencil and paper. (answer=392)

-Do the same with multiplication problems such as 15 x 12 = 180

The key here is just making sure it’s something that will stimulate your brain and make it want to work hard. Don’t forget to have fun! Brain games can be so much more than just building up cognitive strength because they are also really enjoyable at times too. With all of these different ideas, you’ll find yourself becoming smarter day after day! And for those days when you just don’t have the energy to do anything, try taking a break by reading your favorite book. It’s always healthy for the brain to take care of it!

brain exercises for memory-Mentally Sharp

-Take time out from work every hour or so and focus on breathing deeply through your nose


-Do yoga stretches with deep breaths after each stretch (you’ll find yourself feeling refreshed)

It is important to make sure that there are breaks in between large periods of study time. Your mind needs that rest period as well! When you’re focused too long on something demanding like studying without any sort of diversion, your body starts releasing cortisol which can lead to agitation, anxiety, and irritability — not good for anyone! These moments will also help you to remember the information.

-Take a walk outside, get some fresh air and exercise your body!

-Break up study sessions with taking breaks from time to time for physical activity in order to maintain healthy blood flow throughout the body which will help decrease stress levels and keep the mind sharp.

So there it is – our top five brain exercises that we recommend using on a daily basis! It doesn’t take much effort or money but can have such positive effects on how well you’re able to think and feel about yourself as you go through life’s challenges. Hopefully, these suggestions are helpful in providing ways of keeping your mind at its most functioning capacity possible!

-Try your hand at cards, sudoku, or crossword puzzles to challenge your brain in new ways!

-Enjoy a good book while taking a break from your daily activities

-Listen to music and dance along with it – this will help keep you mentally sharp and focused on the task at hand.

-Play games that are word-oriented such as Scrabble or Boggle for fun but also because these types of exercises strengthen memory skills and can reduce dementia risk by preventing deterioration of important areas of the brain like those responsible for language processing.

-Build your vocabulary and keep it sharp by reading, talking with others about current events, and taking the time to write for yourself.

-Try throwing a party! Having people over can help you create a stimulating conversation that will engage your brain while also giving you social interaction which is known to be healthy for cognitive health.

There are so many ways of keeping your mind at its best possible capacity! What do you like most? Share in the comments below or on our Facebook page what activities have helped give you mental clarity and feel free to share this post if these suggestions make sense for you as well!”

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