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Cobra Review

1. USER REVIEWS – 9/10 – Cobra Review

After a long time after mahaan, this would be a remarkable movie in Vikram’s career, the cinematography, and screenplay, VFX all was top notch, the bgm and songs AR Rahman as usual did wonders, a must-movie to all and a treat for all Vikram fans Guys what the magic happened… Vikram delivers an outstanding performance in each of the characters he portrayed. He not only just liked them but lived in each of I’m having a hard time focusing on Vikram’s performance since… To begin, I want to tell you one thing this has been such a long-awaited, long-awaited, long-awaited… Movie.

Cobra Review

Cobra Review

Editing and graphic treatment make up the whole of this.

The guy who performed the double of the most recent miracle is known as Vikram.

Do you guys know about the movie “Dasavatharam”? It’s such a great movie, and Kamal Hassan’s performance is just magical. But it was before this point. Because we now have the word “cobra.”

The performance that Vikram gave was quite appreciative.

Srinidhi an excellent role after kgf. Her performance was stunning.

Malayalam actor Roshan Mathew is a talented performer, particularly when he plays the role of a villain.

In general, gentlemen, the tremendous theater experience is not to be missed. Simply hand over 120 rupees, and then have a great time after the kgf and rrr! I am pleased to recommend going to the theater to view the movie.

I can promise you that after seeing this, none of you will be in a foul mood… 8.7 out of 10 is my rating.

2. USER REVIEWS – 7/10 – Cobra Review

Ignore the evaluations of those northern guys and watch the movie from your own perspective; this is what the industry calls a Hollywood-quality picture.

There is not a single error in the execution of this very complicated narrative, and Ajay is the only one who could have done justice to this.

There are two flashbacks in ARR’s music to the summit, Adheera, and Tharangini, and numerous narrative storylines are communicated via the songs.

I assume I find no spot of flawlessness, and the only problem is in people’s points of view and their inability to take this movie seriously.

Guys are going to miss this now, and then in the future they are going to whine about how they missed a masterpiece. Also, to those guys who call ajay from arm’s school of direction, buddy, ajay is way greater than arm.

The amount of work that everyone, probably the director the most, has put into studying each and every possibility and taking it so meticulously to the very end doesn’t do honor to the characters, narrative, storyline, and other aspects of the film.

To tell you the truth, Cobra is the next-generation movie; if you can’t digest it, it means that the execution of your memory went wrong, not the execution of the plot.

3. USER REVIEWS – 6/10 – Cobra Review

I just finished seeing Ajay Gnanamuthu’s Cobra, and I can say without a doubt that the first half of the film and the second half seemed like they were two separate movies. We begin with what may be described as an underground assassin criminal thriller, which, although having certain times in which it goes over the top, did have its fair number of entertaining bites. And then, after the intermission, we have what seems like an entirely new movie; one that feels like every other want tobe-posh Tamil action movie, in which some characters who were already established in the first half start acting nothing like it in the second half, and some more are completely sidelined, making us wonder why they were even included in the first place.

I wouldn’t say that Cobra is a terrible movie or that it’s not pleasant in any manner, but I also wouldn’t say that it’s particularly innovative in any way. With each passing minute, it only grows more and more absurdly over the top, leading up to a mind-numbingly boring and unsatisfactory climax that builds on itself. This movie also has several flaws in terms of its technical execution. Unfortunately, the music is so effortlessly forgettable, especially considering that ARR was the one who wrote the score for this game’s soundtrack. In several of the scenes, the visual effects were glaringly obvious. It never quite got out of the “uncanny valley,” that place in your mind where you realize you’re not looking at an actual human face but rather a thickly pasted fake. The makeup became quite tacky. And even some of the shooting choices appeared iffy.

My only justification for being so harsh in my criticism of this film is that I became invested in it to the point where I care about how well it adheres to its own rules. It is not a movie that you will ever regret seeing in a theater, but it is also not a movie that you will lose out on if you choose not to see it in a theater.


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