How to Motivate yourself to exercise | Motivate tips 2021

How to Motivate yourself to exercise

How to Motivate yourself to exercise


Take a moment, really think about what you want. Maybe it’s getting in better shape or feeling more energized because so much time is spent sitting at work? If this sounds like where you are right now, then try these tips!

How to Motivate yourself to exercise
How to Motivate yourself to exercise?

It may be as easy as setting a goal with an end date (like “I’ll get into shape by my birthday”) or trying out new classes that help build muscle strength while challenging cardiovascular endurance. You might also need some accountability.

Find someone who has similar goals and ask them if they will join you on your journey — just make sure you’re both on the same page and that you have a healthy level of competition.

Start small: Maybe your goal is to work out every other day for 20 minutes? That’s not too daunting, right? When it comes time to start exercising again (or maybe even eating better), divide those big goals into smaller ones.

This way they seem more achievable — and before you know it, you’ll be able to check them off!

Do what works best for YOU!: If going outdoors in nature helps motivate yourself then head outside!

People often think there are no good reasons or excuses not to exercise but this can lead people down an impossible path because everyone’s life looks different.

What might sound like a great routine at first could quickly feel overwhelming when you have to fit it into your day.

Take care of yourself: If exercising and eating healthily is something you want in the long-term, then be sure to take care of yourself now as well.

Get plenty of sleep, eat a healthy breakfast every morning and make time for relaxing activities like taking hot baths or reading books!

It’s ok if some days are more demanding than others — living life means that there will always be ups and downs but being aware of what works best for YOU can help keep exercise from feeling too overwhelming.

1.Lighten Up Your Goals

Set realistic goals and try to make them things you can actually do. If you want to exercise every day, start with two or three days a week and work your way up from there.

Make sure the workouts are something that suits YOUR fitness level it’s better for your body if you’re not pushing yourself too hard at first!

This is how people get discouraged early on in their workout routine: they feel like they have failed because they haven’t accomplished what was initially set out as an ultimate goal.

What often happens when we reach our “destination” is that we become unmotivated because now all of these other opportunities pop up which might be more exciting than where we were just sitting still waiting for time to pass.

Don’t let the feeling of not being able to reach your goal right away discourage you. Instead, celebrate it and use that energy for higher achievement in what’s next!

2.Track Your Progress

If you are having trouble motivating yourself to exercise, it may help if you track your progress.

This will show you that even just a little bit of effort can lead to big results over time! We often have this misconception in our heads that we need to be perfect from the start and not make any mistakes or else our entire plan will be ruined.

But what is surprising is how much better off we would be if we could learn to embrace small failures as learning opportunities and use those lessons for future success instead of letting them discourage us from giving up on ourselves.


3. Delete Guilt

Guilt can be one of the biggest reasons for people not exercising. If you’ve ever felt guilty about missing a workout, deleting that guilt will allow you to start fresh again so there is no barrier in your way from working out!

– How forgiveness can help with feeling less pressure and stress

– How certain hormones are released when we forgive others or ourselves which make us feel happy and relieved

– Guilt following on its heels may actually be what’s holding us back from moving forward in life.

If you find yourself falling into this trap, try practicing self-care and taking time for things that nourish your soul as well as body. You’ll notice an increase in motivation afterward because it creates more balance within our lives.


4.Focus Only On Yourself

It’s okay to take time for yourself. It can be healthy!

– Take a breather by doing something that brings you joy, like watching your favorite TV show or reading a book–anything that will help you relax and focus on the present moment instead of what is stressing you out in your life.

– Ask others for forgiveness so there are no barriers stopping them from helping when they want to reach out with an offer of support later down the road.

– Get enough sleep at night—this gives us energy during our day and helps us stay grounded and more focused as well as less stressed when we’re able to start each new morning refreshed.

You deserve it! You need this time for YOU!

– Ask your friends and family to help you stay on track by doing something positive each day for 30 days.

– Have someone in your life who will cheer for you, encourage you, and love you unconditionally.

– Trust that everything happens as it is meant to be; even if things don’t go the way they are planned right now, there may be a reason behind this–may be an opportunity down the road or some other kind of blessing just waiting to happen!

Your best friend can provide a boost of encouragement when needed 🙂


5.Get a Cheering Squad

Do you have someone in your life who will cheer for you, encourage and love you unconditionally? A best friend can provide a boost of encouragement when needed:)

A best friend can provide a boost of encouragement when needed:) A best friend can provide a boost of encouragement when needed:)

The next long-form content will cover how to motivate yourself. Here are three tips in order to help you get on the right road toward your goals!

Ask your friends and family members for their support, have someone who is going through this with you or trust that everything happens as it’s meant to be.

Remember that if things don’t go according to plan now, there may be an opportunity down the road waiting for you–or some other kind of blessing just waiting to happen!

  1. Find the Fun in It

Find the fun in your workouts. For example, a trainer may suggest taking up running and listening to music while you run as a way of keeping your mood elevated during an exercise routine So we know that motivation is crucial for our success! How can we find it when there are so many things vying for attention?

Well, if life gets too busy or overwhelming, take some time away from daily distractions to focus on what’s important–taking care of yourself. Here are four ways to get motivated:

Try adding new activities into your day-to-day routines such as meditation, yoga, cooking healthy meals at home with friends or family members (even by yourself!), exploring nature through hiking, and more; rediscovering hobbies like dancing, painting, or playing an instrument; and reading self-help books.

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut where the same old thing feels tiring and repetitive, take some time to explore what would make your day more exciting–maybe it’s trying something new like going on a bike ride, visiting a museum with friends, or family members for the first time in years, cooking without recipes (think: improv), taking up photography as another creative outlet Or maybe try making one big change that will get you motivated about moving forward with life!

This could be challenging yourself to go outside of your comfort zone by doing things differently than normal such as joining clubs or groups that are different from what is considered “normal” behavior for you, like a yoga class.

You will need to be very intentional with this type of change because the same routine can quickly become old and boring if you don’t purposefully try new things that challenge your comfort zone. Remember, it’s not always about getting fit or working out but also challenging yourself in other ways too!

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