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How to spice up a relationship

How to spice up a relationship


Amongst all the things that continue to change, it’s comforting to have a romantic relationship that remains steady. Yet as this consistency unfolds, we tend to fall into the habit of combining our daily routines with our once-in-a-lifetime romance.

In times where a quick acknowledgment before work replaces a goodbye kiss and a marathon of movies has become the only form of date nights, it’s difficult to keep the chemistry alive. Since being stuck in this kind of rut can be seriously disheartening, here are seven ideas to help you spice up your relationship and rediscover the spark that made you fall in love again:

How to spice up a relationship
How to spice up a relationship?
  1. Leave notes around

This is a great way to remind your partner of how much you care about them and it’s also an adorable surprise when they find the note later. It might seem like something small, but making someone feel special can help any relationship go from dull to dazzling in no time.

– Today I love that we get along so well! It’s nice knowing that someone will always be there for me. Have a good day babe!

So, How to spice up a relationship?

  1. Put in the effort to understand each other’s hobbies

“It’s so important for us to have interests we both share, but it is also really great when those hobbies are diverse. If you like cooking and he likes fishing, then find a recipe where the ingredients can be found at your local grocery store or go on a fishing trip together!”

  1. Unplug from your devices

“When you’re with your partner, it’s important to put down everything on the table and focus solely on them. Carve out time in your day where no one is available but the two of you.”

– Put in the effort to understand each other’s interests (do they like cooking or fishing?) – Unplug from our devices when we are together!

  1. Create a new tradition

“It’s so easy to get into the same old routines, but we want a relationship that is full of new memories. Building your own tradition doesn’t have to take time and can be something as simple as going out for ice cream or watching movies together.”

– Create a new tradition with them! It could be anything: go out for ice cream, watch movies together… Whatever you come up with in order to spice things up!

– Connecting over shared interests will make your relationship stronger because it’ll become more personal. You’ll also find common ground where you both enjoy doing/watching certain activities. Finally, unplugging from all our devices when we’re together helping us reconnect without distractions (which are usually what ruin relationships the most).

– Stop taking everything for granted. Put effort into doing thoughtful things with them or even just saying how you feel about the person!

That’s it for this post, but if you’re reading on then we’ll be continuing to write more content. This is a short paragraph that needs writing:

“It’s important to take time out of your day and do something outside of our routine together.”

We recommend following these tips so your relationship can stay fresh and interesting in order to maintain its spark. Remember, there are no right or wrong ways when it comes to staying happy with someone. So don’t limit yourself by thinking too much – try all seven ideas from this article and find what works best for you!

  1. Surprise one another

A classic romantic act is sending a bouquet of flowers to your loved one. These can be something they’ll appreciate and find thoughtful – it could also lighten the mood if things are tough at home. Or if they like music, Netflix has an amazing selection of concerts available for purchase! You know best what your partner likes best, so surprise them with what makes them happy now.

  1. Revisit the places you both used to love

This can be a great way to reminisce and bring back those old feelings of excitement when you first started dating.

Take your partner on a trip down memory lane by revisiting the places you both used to love – whether it’s stopping at that vineyard you took them their very first date or getting some coffee together like how it was in college, this will help reconnect and take away all the stress from daily life.

  1. Let go of your fears and inhibitions

A relationship is an intimate space where we’re free to show our vulnerabilities to one another in order for intimacy to flourish. It takes time and openness for couples who’ve been together a while (or ever) before they feel comfortable enough to take off each other’s clothes and exploring their bodies.

  1. Dedicate a day to yourself

It can be easy for us to get lost in our partner’s needs at the expense of making time for ourselves, but it’s important not only because we deserve some me-time, but also because if we don’t take care of our own self-love then how can we expect to do that with someone else? The key is finding balance; you’re allowed one day out of the week where you focus entirely on your own needs. This way when you come home from work or are done running errands, all you’ll want is your lover – no matter what they look like!

9.Spend time apart

We often forget how important it is to give each other space, and this can play a major role in keeping the spark alive. It’s so easy for us to get caught up in our partner’s lives that we forget about ourselves – which leaves little room for anyone else! But when you don’t spend enough time apart from your lover and focus on yourself, then they’ll just become another person who takes up all of your thoughts.

So, How to spice up a relationship?

10.Get intimate again

While you’re out on your own, don’t forget to masturbate! This is an important part of a healthy relationship. Once the spark has been extinguished for some time, it can be difficult to remember how good sex feels and what turns us on.

11.Take care of yourself first

Complaining about work every night or talking nonstop isn’t going to do much in terms of keeping things fresh between you two. Trying something new like checking out that yoga class after work instead may just end up having more benefits than being tired at home with each other all the time!

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