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KGF Chapter 2 Review – Movie Reviews

01. USER REVIEWS – 10/10 – KGF Chapter 2 Review

In KGF Chapter 2 Review, Prashanth Neel reprises his role as writer-director, while Yash plays Rocky, a good-hearted thug. But first, let’s go through the basics. The first chapter told the narrative of a young lad who came to Bombay and became a famous criminal, similar to Deewar. Then he’s moved to Karnataka, where he becomes even more renowned as the savior of the people of KGF, a hidden mining town. In Bombay, we encountered Shetty Bhai, and in Dubai, we met Inayat Khalil, two of Rocky’s opponents. We met the Indian Prime Minister, a lady whose face was never shown, a woman who talked about unleashing the army on Rocky while signing the death sentence for “India’s top criminal.”

KGF Chapter 2 Review – 2022 | Movie Reviews

KGF Chapter 2 Review – 2022 | Movie Reviews

However, the film begins with Malavika Avinash as a television anchor. She listens to a senior journalist, played by Ananth Nag, tell the KGF Chapter 2 Review narrative, and Prashanth utilizes the same framing mechanism in the sequel. There is only one difference. Prakash Raj, who plays the son of Ananth Nag, is now the narrator. I didn’t notice it when watching Chapter 1, but these talks have two purposes: they provide a break from the fast-paced events, and they also serve as a tiny amount of spoon-feeding for the viewer, which is necessary given the story’s depth and density. No, please allow me to rectify that. The plot is quite straightforward. It’s a story that’s rich and complex. We’ll go back to this later.

So, what’s in store for Rocky in Chapter Two? He is still concerned about his people, who revere him. He does, however, want them to dig for gold at all hours of the day and night. He says, “The job should not end.” Why? Let me just say that it involves a mother and a bedtime story she tells her kid. Pay attention to the opening scene since it sets the tone for the final visuals, which are both strong and magical.

And between this beginning and this ending, we get a film that works at two levels. One, we get a huge action spectacle with very inventive set pieces, superbly shot by Bhuvan Gowda in dark tones that indicate that we are watching a darker sequel. And two, we get a style-filled masala movie, filled with whistle-worthy dialogue and scene after scene with twists and surprises for the audience.

Rocky faces two new foes in Chapter Two: the Prime Minister, who is ultimately revealed to be Raveena Tandon, and a Viking-style behemoth portrayed by a fantastic Sanjay Dutt. One of the film’s many dramatic moments is his entrance sequence on a blazing bridge.

Every aspect of this film is epic: Yash is epic and wonderfully larger-than-life, the dialogs are epic, Ravi Basrur’s score is epic, and the action is epic, particularly a car chase that keeps cutting to black – but that is why I wished for some quiet, intimate moments between Rocky and his love interest, Srinidhi Shetty. We see an awesome helicopter scene, but we don’t learn anything about their connection. Their enormous romance – if it is that – is completely unnoticed. The film’s second flaw was that the criminal mastermind’s identity was revealed too quickly.

But, other than that, I had no issues, and we can now discuss how rich and intricate the story is. The mix of quick cutting and slow-motion in Chapter One generated a stylish effect. We get some of it in Chapter Two as well, but Prashanth pushes himself and his editor, Ujwal Kulkarni, to the point where every action seems like the famed baptism sequence from the first Godfather. The images are fast-paced, but this isn’t your typical fast-cutting for an attention-deficit population. This is a well-thought-out stylization.

Take, for example, the scenario in which Raveena Tandon is sworn in as Prime Minister. She reads a few lines. Then we see her somewhere else, yelling instructions to fire the Home Secretary. Then it’s back to the inauguration event. As a result, there is a sensation of time manipulation. In the present, we see her. We go ahead in time to her future acts. And now we’re back in the present. There’s also a feeling of geography being played with because these two events are taking place in two distinct places.

This happens regularly. In Parliament, a motion of no confidence is being debated. At the same time, we watch a gunfight. Rocky’s wife had a nightmare. We then transition to a massive action set-piece before returning to the awful dream being described. Along with the opening and closing visuals, this segment of the narration is one of the few emotional moments in KGF: Chapter Two. But it didn’t bother me. The action, masala taste, and accuracy of the cuts are all terrific, and even though the overall arc is conventional, the screenplay/editing density makes everything appear new. The second chapter outperforms the first: it’s an amazing sequel.

02. USER REVIEWS – 9/10 – KGF Chapter 2 Review

I’m about to start writing a KGF Chapter 2 Review. This film will make you feel feelings you’ve never felt before, and you’ll be left speechless once you’ve left the theater, unable to express the larger-than-life experience you’ve just experienced. Your mind will be blown away by the rapid and sharp storyline as well as an avalanche of mind-blowing dialogues.

KGF Chapter 2 Review – 2022 | Movie Reviews

KGF Chapter 2 Review – 2022 | Movie Reviews

In its totality, Chapter 2 is completely bizarre and breathtaking. This film’s cinematography will be spoken about for years to come, and it will serve as a model for the next generation of filmmakers. The BGM is upbeat and will keep you glued to your screen for the duration.

The film’s central emotion, the link between mother and son, is expertly mixed with the action-packed plot, never feeling out of place or extraneous, and having a significant influence on the main character ROCKY’s actions.

The first half of the film focuses on Rocky and the changes he has seen in his life since the end of chapter 1, as well as his relationship with the residents of KGF Chapter 2 Review. The song “TOOFAN” will undoubtedly give you chills, and it also cleverly retells the events of the FIRST Chapter.

The second half is packed with surprises that will have you on the edge of your seat.


The whole cast, including YASH, SANJAY DUTT, SRINIDHI SHETTY, and others, performed an outstanding job in portraying their respective roles, but RAVEENA TANDON, who had minimal screentime, provided her career-best performance and shone out in the role of ROMIKA SEN. As the villain, she was a match for ROCKY.


Simply go see this MASTERPIECE.


03. USER REVIEWS – 10/10 – KGF Chapter 2 Review

I’m about to start writing a KGF Chapter 2 Review. The sequel to K. G. F. has been the most anticipated film of 2022 since its trailer was revealed early last year, to the point where two Bollywood heavyweights elected to postpone their releases to avoid a box office collision. Rocky Bhai, greetings!!

KGF Chapter 2 Review – 2022 | Movie Reviews

KGF Chapter 2 Review – 2022 | Movie Reviews

The second chapter is pure MASS…a film that is hell-bent on generating entertainment with a definite focus on the machismo of its two fighting celebrities, Rocking Star Yash and Sanjay Dutt. In reality, the film may be described as a montage of action scenarios that explode one after another, with logic and reason taking a backseat. Ahem!!

Boston, I’m not exaggerating when I say that the raunchy story has nothing unique to offer in terms of storyline. In Chapter Ek, we watched a brave underdog (Yash as Rocky Bhai) become the absolute ruler of KGF. He expands his dominion while battling a greater opponent, Adheera (Sanju Baba), and subsequently takes on the State when the Prime Minister (still mast Raveena Tandon) isn’t pleased with his rapid ascension.

The acting is top-notch, and Yash and Sanju light up the screen whenever they go head-to-head. Even though she barely appears in the second part of the film, Raveena Tandon is a revelation and leaves a lasting impact. Srinidhi Shetty doesn’t receive much screen time, but she looks stunning in a few sequences.

Chapter Two is, admittedly, a difficult watch, with every minor character mouthing hero wala jokes. Every scene is over the top, and the loud, jarring background soundtrack doesn’t let up for even a minute from beginning to end. Also, with all those cuts to a somber Prakash Raj recounting the plot, the storyline becomes a little unclear at first. All of it is needless!! Surprisingly, neither Nora nor Jacqueline appear this time for an item number – something the frontbenchers may overlook!!

K. G. F. 2 now lies on Yash’s capable shoulders, and he does not disappoint. With films like Pushpa (2021) and RRR (2022) trouncing the so-called big-ticket Bollywood ventures, the picture is likely to ride the current South Cinema tsunami sweeping the country. Having said that, this isn’t a case where hosannas are appropriate. It’s a classic example of ‘high on swag but miserably poor on substance’ filmmaking. Take a chance!!

04. USER REVIEWS – RATING upcoming – KGF Chapter 2 Review

I’m about to start writing a KGF Chapter 2 Review. OMG. What exactly did I just see? KGF Chapter 2 Review is a high-octane, adrenaline-pumping sequel to KGF Chapter 1, an era-defining picture that catapulted not only Prashant Neel and superstar Yash, but the entire Kannada cinema industry, to national stardom. The team has clearly made the most of the increased budget received following the success of the first film, maintaining the emotional resonance of the first while creating elaborate, well-written, and intelligently shot and edited mass elevation scenes that will keep you clamoring for more until the awe-inspiring climax.

KGF Chapter 2 Review – 2022 | Movie Reviews

KGF Chapter 2 Review – 2022 | Movie Reviews

After killing the demonic “Garuda” in the first film, we rejoin our hero, Rocky Bhai, as he takes control of the Kolar Gold Fields, only to have an entire can of worms open up as a result, with everyone from Garuda’s vengeful uncle “Adheera” (Sanjay Dutt) to India’s Prime Minister “Ravika” (Raveena Tandon) setting their sights on his lucrative fief Both these Bollywood bigwigs bring their A-game as scary adversaries who can hold their own against Yash’s sheer flair and star power, thanks to director Prashant Neel’s casting choices.

The void left by legendary Kannada actor Anand Nat’s decision to not return to the franchise for personal reasons was ably filled by National-award winner Prakash Raj, while the rest of the returning cast, particularly Ayyappa P Sharma as “Vanaram,” Harish Rai as “Khasim,” Achyuth Kumar as “Guru Pandian,” and Govinda Gowda as the cheeky “office assistant,” play their roles with flourish. The sole shortcoming in an otherwise immaculate mass masala entertainment is Srinidhi Shetty’s performance as Rocky Bhai’s love interest “Reena,” with their romance track bordering on an extreme case of Stockholm Syndrome.

The mother character, played ably by Archana Jois, makes an even more emotionally endearing impact on Chapter 2, with the mother-son bond continuing to be the glue that holds together what would otherwise have been a shallow massy outing, thanks to Prashant Neel’s ability to smoothly intercut the main timeline with flashbacks to Rocky Bhai’s childhood.

Prashant Neel has turned crafting unique mass elevation scenes into an art form, and with Yash as his foil, the auteur has obviously let loose with the sheer scale and breadth of his sets rising to earthshattering heights, without compromising ingenuity or the potential to surprise the spectator.

Our three main characters’ entrance routines, performed by Yash, Dutt, and Tandon, are orchestrated with pinpoint accuracy to elicit maximum mass effect and are tailored to each performer’s skills. While Neel used Dutt’s eyes and hulky silhouette to convey his ferocious and violent nature, he relies on minimum hand and facial motions to convey Tandon’s character’s overwhelming unsaid power, which is inspired by India’s Iron Lady, Indira Gandhi.

And what can I add to what has already been saying about Yash? He is a natural fit as the morally ambiguous gangster, with irrepressible swag, a natural coyness, and obnoxious body language, and it is this very nature that adds to the unpredictability of the “KGF Chapter 2 Review” universe, with the audience constantly on the ropes, unable to guess or comprehend what the crazy mafioso will do next. Ravi Basrur’s music continues in the same rich spirit as the first half, infusing each punch sequence with layers of emotion and goosebumps, seamlessly transitioning from the massy highs of “Sulthana” to the emotionally tormented “Thannane.”

Because of its director’s editing and staging prowess, “KGF Chapter 2 Review” stands head and shoulders above other recent Indian blockbuster fan service mass vehicles like “Pushpa (2021)” and “RRR (2022), with apparently unending action and a plot that keeps you wondering and on a knife’s edge. A must-see at the theater! Very, very highly recommended! Don’t miss the post-credits sequence, either!

05. USER REVIEWS – RATING upcoming – KGF Chapter 2 Review

I’m about to start writing a KGF Chapter 2 Review. After a nearly three-and-a-half-year wait, Prasanth Neel’s written and directed film, which made people nervous and crazy about his love for the character of Rocky from KGF 1, finally hits theaters. Arrival is an understatement for this film; it destroys the box office like nothing else you’ve seen on a large screen before.

KGF Chapter 2 Review – 2022 | Movie Reviews

KGF Chapter 2 Review – 2022 | Movie Reviews

I have never seen fans so excited over a film since the Avenger’s conclusion, and I have to say, this is the most overwhelming movie experience I have ever had in a theater of any Indian film. Even before the Big title appeared on the screen, people were yelling and cheering, and it is without a doubt the biggest entrance of a character in a film. Not to add that I went to the final available performance in a nearby theater, and I wasn’t expecting it to be packed at midnight, but thank God I was wrong.

What I enjoyed best about this film over RRR recently is the presence of Bollywood actors (Sanju Baba and Raveena Tandon) in crucial parts that I felt were shoehorned into the RRR film but are of essential significance here and make their imprint in style.

The charisma and magnetic presence of rock star Yash are unmistakable, and the swagger with which he portrays this famous role cannot be duplicated by anybody else.

I was astounded to see how they were able to create such stunning graphics and set pieces on a budget of only 100 crores (although you do see some noticeable VFX or cuts in production here and now).

The fact that it is a sequel, and thus vital in that aspect, is the finest part of this film for me. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a sequel that absolutely eclipses and outperforms its predecessor in terms of innovation. While I’m raving about it, I should point out that it does have certain flaws (albeit small ones) that don’t detract too much from the overall experience but may be improved in the third installment with more budget flexibility.

The editing is still a little choppy, but it’s not as unpleasant to look at as its predecessor, which made it difficult to understand what was going on on the screen no matter how hard you tried. The BGM is loud (not for the faint of heart), yet it’s suited for the tale and contributes to the screenplay. The love component feels forced and should have been eliminated, but I realize that this film is mostly about emotion, therefore it was necessary to include it, and it pays off in the end when the battle between the two nut heads begins.

Masterfully, I got into it for the story and not for the action sequences, although I must admit that some of the action moments are so well choreographed that they will leave you speechless, particularly the Kalashnikov scene (you will understand when it comes). The backbone of this roller coaster of a ride is a tale that is less messy and more straightforward than the previous.

Do see it at a theater with as many people as possible (you will thank me later).

The Kannada film industry’s Magnum Opus, to be sure.


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