Sita Ramam Review – 2022 – Movie Reviews

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Sita Ramam Review

1. USER REVIEWS – 7/10 – Sita Ramam Review

After all these years, I finally got to see a love story that was so moving and lovely. The plot, script, directing, picturization, and background music are all of the highest quality. The main pair’s naturalistic performance really won my heart over completely.

Sita Ramam Review – 2022 – Movie Reviews

Sita Ramam Review – 2022 – Movie Reviews

This film demonstrates, without using any filthy language or imagery, how a love story may be told, and any filmmaker might stand to learn something from it. If they had placed more importance on the music section, the film may have been considered the best of the decade.

Songs, on the other hand, are not without merit. Songs that fit in well with the narrative of the show. As the movie has turned out to be such a wonderful piece of work, I have no complaints about the songs at all.

If you get a kick out of watching romantic comedies, then you should definitely check out this film since it will make you feel like you’ve won the lottery—a masterpiece without a doubt, and in my eyes, also worthy of the Kohinoor.

2. USER REVIEWS – 7/10 – Sita Ramam Review

I can only assume that the people who haven’t even bothered to view the movie are the ones who are spewing their venom at it since they haven’t seen it themselves. Simply because they dislike DS or Director or Rashmika or I don’t Know Who, they remark on anything and anything they want to say. However, this movie really is a masterpiece, and it is deserving of being referred to as a masterpiece and receiving a great deal of praise. I’m originally from Kannada, and this is the first non-Kannada film that I’ve reviewed. owing to the fact that I adored this movie with all of my beings.

If you are considering seeing this movie based on what you have read in the reviews, then you should absolutely disregard the hateful remarks.

3. USER REVIEWS – 9.9/10 – Sita Ramam Review

Since neither the Malayalam nor the Tamil versions were accessible in Surat, Gujarat, I was forced to watch the Telugu version, despite the fact that I only had a basic understanding of the language. People often claim that music transcends language; I’d like to add that a “beautifully produced romantic movie” also does not need any language to communicate its meaning.

After what seems like an eternity, I have finally seen a film that deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as cult masterpieces such as Roja. The cinematographer PS Vinod sir was responsible for capturing some magnificent images, while the director Hanu Raghavapudi put in a tremendous amount of work to make this lyrical and romantic story. Every scene was nothing short of a picture, and the production studio Vyjayanthi movies did an amazing job of creating such an aesthetic. Congratulations, you guys! Another significant contribution has been made by Vishal Chandrasekhar in the form of the music and background score; oh, what a nostalgic air from another period! It was made clear from his video that only traditional instruments were employed in the composition of the songs, and this choice resulted in an effect that was well suited to the style prevalent from the 1960s through the 1980s. The choreography that Brinda master created was outstanding.


Coming to the characters, DQ portrayed Lieutenant Ram so naturally with his youthful charm, flushing face in love moments, and most significantly, dubbed in his own voice throughout the whole movie. The on-screen chemistry between Mrunal Thakur and Noorjahan as Sita and Mahalakshmi lit up the screen whenever they were together. Mrunal’s long-awaited premiere in the south, and I’m happy to report that YOU HAVE ARRIVED! It seems like you’re going to be here for some time. What an incredible connection exists between Ram and Sita, and as a result, I was immediately drawn into the universe of Ram garu and Sita garu, and the adventure that followed was nothing short of a show.


And the defiant #Afreen, played by Rashmika, who is the conduit through which the whole tale is revealed performed a totally different role, and your combination with #Balaji, played by Tarun Bhacker, provided many laughs as well. Both of you did an outstanding job. Congratulations! I want to thank Sumanth garu for his portrayal of Vishnu Sharma, who has some gray areas, but he also did a fantastic job with his character. Simply because of how you portrayed the character, I felt furious against you as a viewer, and the reason for that is because of how you portrayed the character. I would want to thank Vennela Kishore for “Durjoy” and for those comedic moments.


Every character, including Major Selvan (GVM), Major Tariq (Sachin Khedekar), PrakashRaj, Rohini, Shatru, Murali Sharma, Sunil, Rahul Ravindran, etc., was played by an actor who was a good fit for the role. A special thank you goes out to Chinmayi Sripada for the lovely dubbing work she did for the role Sita, which was performed by Mrunal.


Even though it’s been two days since I saw the movie, I still can’t seem to shake the feeling that I should see it again, and it’s driving me crazy! The dependence on #sitarmam is of this kind. Thank you very much, Hanu sir, for bringing back memories of the world of letters and the powerful love links that they used to carry, as well as for demonstrating that epic romantic stories can be portrayed in such an elegant manner. You were awesome, guy.


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