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CBI 5 Review

1. USER REVIEWS – 6/10 – CBI 5 Movie Review

I’m about to start writing a CBI 5 Review. The CBI series is unique in my opinion. Oru CBI Diarykurup established a new standard in investigative thrillers. Jagratha did not receive as much attention as its predecessor, but it was a fantastic picture that did well at the box office. CBI by Sethurama Iyer was also a fantastic film. Nerariyan CBI arrived after Sethurama Iyer CBI, which disappointed me. But, because I went in with no expectations, CBI 5 well surpassed my expectations. In a non-spoiler manner, I shall discuss the film’s positive and negative aspects.


The Bad

Some subplots were begun but never completed, leaving me scratching my head. Also, the killer’s reason seems a little generic and stupid. The first half drags and offers little entertainment. However, after the first half, everything goes smoothly and well. This is the only film in the series with little or no action moments, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing, but I just wanted to point that out. The manner in which the killing was carried out and how it was depicted was both bad and unsatisfactory. Miscasts included Soubin, Asha Sharath, Ansiba, and Anoop Menon.
The Good

This film is technically excellent. Jakes Bejoy’s updated background soundtrack for Iyer reminded me of the original score from the film. Excellent cinematography. This one has an okay screenplay, but it is better than Nerariyan CBI. The second half is excellent and provides some exciting moments. Some of the performances are really impressive. Mammootty has the same mood as Iyer in the previous films and delivers a reserved performance.

They attempted and succeeded in doing something different with the character of Iyer. The sequence with Jagathy was fantastic. It was a key occasion, and Jagathy played an important part. Jagathy gave it his all and delivered. Mukesh and Sai Kumar had a tiny role, but they performed admirably. Sai Kumar brings back some childhood memories. Others performed a mediocre job. The climactic surprise was surprising, intriguing, and enjoyable.

So I urge that you all watch it, even though it isn’t very excellent. Fans and haters of Nerariyan will enjoy it and should see it, but those who prefer the previous three films should make their own decision.

2. USER REVIEWS – C/10 – CBI 5 Review

I’m about to start writing a CBI 5 Review.


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