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Thor Love and Thunder Review

1. USER REVIEWS – 7/10 – Thor Love and Thunder Review

You meet some new Superheroes, Gods, and Villains in Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson, Russell Crowe, and Natalie Portman’s Marvel Studios film Thor: Love And Thunder. Some are overly talented even as rookies, while others are overly predictable even as seasoned veterans. Except for one element, the trailer gives you a general notion of the plot—about the people, the suspense, or the adventure. But it makes sure to meet every need of Marvel’s Superhero Entertainer, so you feel fulfilled in the end. Thor’s cosmic voyage checks all three boxes despite a few dull parts: love, Thunder, and laughter. Thunder should be in the lead, though.

Thor Love and Thunder Review – 2022 – Movie Reviews

The opening scene of Thor 4 introduces Gorr, the villain who turns into the God Butcher after his God fails him. We return to New Asgard, a lavishly designed city that resembles a corporate metropolis and where Korg (Taika Waititi) continues to narrate stories about Thor, also known as the God of Thunder. After losing the love of his life three times, OMG!, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) tries to find inner peace, but he is forced to take action to stop Gorr from killing the Gods. Then Jane Foster, as Mighty Thor, emerges with Thor’s former weapon, Mjolnir, to support him, Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Korg joining his army.

Love And Thunder, Thor. It could merely tire you out with cliched romance and an absurd reconciliation (you might even wonder why it was there if it didn’t make sense, and you won’t get answers). Still, it makes up for the disappointment with furious action and exhilarating adventures. It is debatable that every superhero movie needs a romance subplot to undermine its plot. Naturally, not every superhero movie can be as intelligent as “The Dark Knight,” Marvel has never wanted to equal Nolan’s brains with their cash-cow comedies. However, we go through all that tedious courtship, separation, and reconciliation to peek down and see whether our popcorn is still warm. There are several instances like this in Thor: Love And Thunder. Thor and Jane’s love story was left unfinished before the mighty Avengers and how it appears out of nowhere in the post-Thanos period is incomprehensible. Who was counting after eight years, as Thor claims, and what had she been doing all that time? One of the most important questions is why the Guardians of the Galaxy abruptly vanished. Let’s not anticipate Marvel to provide any responses.

When it comes to performances, Christian Bale’s dominance is a blessing for Thor: Love and Thunder. He is as evil and lethal as Gorr, and his flawless presence makes you forget many previous antagonists. Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, slips back into his old sneakers and discovers that the size still fits. His linguistic makeover works just as effectively as his physical change. After “The Dark World” and “Ragnarok,” he is funnier and more approachable this time. While Natalie Portman is endearing as Mighty Thor and incredibly tedious as Jane Forster, Tessa Thompson and Taika Waititi excel despite having little screen time. Russell Crowe was supposed to surprise me, but his screen time and role were somewhat unimpressive. However, in the closing credits scene, he has a surprise in store for you that could make up for any prior failing grades.

Marvel’s intergalactic adventure has stunning visuals, so that you wouldn’t expect anything less. Thor: Love and Thunder, however, go above and above to astonish you with their charming and vibrant aesthetics. You might be surprised to learn that Thor: Love And Thunder also features some sinister images that are very inspiring. The photography and background music appeared fine, and the editing was generally snappy. To make it more interesting, the tiresome romance might have been reduced and replaced with humor or action sequences, but what’s done is done.

Thor: Ragnarok, directed by Taika Waititi, will be recognized for introducing a spellbinding transformation to Thor’s cosmos (2017). With his commercial perspective, this man took Thor out of a severe and grim universe and made him more humorous and entertaining. He retains the momentum and keeps you happy throughout Thor: Love and Thunder. Taika has added humor and kid-friendly notions that should boost Thor’s appeal to a broader age range. He falls short of making theoretical sense, though. But when you see an MCU product, who cares? Throw out your brain and watch the performance with your eyes and chicks. Thor’s cosmic journey is as fun as you could anticipate, with some fresh surprises in store.

2. USER REVIEWS – 5/10 – Thor Love and Thunder Review

In this film, almost everything is meant as a joke. The characters always laugh it off even though death and catastrophe occur. How can an audience member participate if they are unaware of the stakes?

Thor Love and Thunder Review – 2022 – Movie Reviews

Now, specific movie gags help decompress. I also enjoy jokes that are delivered at the right moment. But what happens when a movie is primarily comprised of jokes? There is no suspense to develop. Even when describing scenes that ought to have weight and severity, Korg frequently provides narration for this film and is essentially never serious.

In this, Christian Bale does a fantastic acting job. He doesn’t, however, have enough time on screen to honestly do his thing. He captivates viewers every time he appears on television. The issue is that they underutilize him, which is a tragedy. And he truly gives the movie the gravitas and weight it requires to balance itself out. And learning that several of his parts were omitted to make this film a comedy is a real tragedy because the movie needs his presence more.

Thor is seen as a simpleton. He is clumsy and utterly ignorant about many topics. I would add that Natalie Portman does a fantastic job as Mighty Thor, and Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman have excellent chemistry in this movie.

The goats are a bit much; the first or second time they scream is humorous, but after that, they are annoying.

Later in the movie, a terrific sequence is genuinely serious and emotional, but I won’t say anything about it because it contains spoilers. However, suffice it to say that the film needs more scenes like that.

I gave it a five since Christian Bale and Natalie Portman both had strong performances that helped the film earn more points. The film suffers significantly because I never felt the good people were in danger since they never took anything seriously, even though the villain could threaten and frighten people.

This had a good arc for Jane. They need to have just done two movies, in my opinion. One was focused on Jane’s arc, and the other was on Gorr’s journey. Both tales merit having a thorough telling, but they opted to focus on Jane’s journey rather than Gorr’s. It seemed like two distinct movies were thrown together, which wasn’t very effective. Since the movie isn’t too long either, I would have preferred to see an additional 10-15 minutes of Gorr scenes and growth to develop him fully.

3. USER REVIEWS – 5/10 – Thor Love and Thunder Review

To set the record straight, let me confess that I didn’t particularly enjoy the other Thor movies. Ragnarok was a huge mistake for me. I nearly rolled my eyes at the slapstick humor, which had little to do with the progressive tone of the earlier Thor or Avengers films. After adoring Jojo Rabbit, I assumed every Taika Waititi film I didn’t like was some anomaly to his perfection. Still, I soon realized it was the only one of his that I cared to adore. After hearing that Love and Thunder added nothing but foolishness to Ragnarok, I lost hope.

I’m here to confess that I didn’t find the comedy as grating this time around. I believe that most of the jokes that fell flat passed by so quickly that I wouldn’t even realize it was an attempt at humor unless someone said it was supposed to be funny (which is never good, but it’s better if it goes off without a hitch). It never interfered with the action, the villain, or profound moments. Thankfully, that was the only time I truly felt the brunt of awful comedy. The Zeus sequence was worse than the Ragnarok levels of “bad” and pulled the movie down at the time.

Two more running jokes came throughout the movie; one included a few animals, which I found increasingly funny, and the other involved weaponry and only truly made sense the first time it occurred. They even recycle a passage from Ragnarok, which I found to be more effective this time because it happened on Earth rather than Asgard. When I say: “At least it’s not as horrible as predicted or as previously established, “I fear I may give this movie’s comedy more credit than it genuinely merits. But I think it’s all relative. I fail to see how someone who adored Ragnarok could now become angry with the shoddy nature of portions of this film.

Although it was beautiful to have Natalie Portman back, the disparity between her two personas with no in-between was incredibly unsettling. Love and Thunder introduce Jane as Mighty Thor. She isn’t the only character to experience such an abrupt change, and I suppose in a two-hour runtime, you have to accept these little details to be skipped occasionally, but if you’re coming off the Phase One MCU character of Jane, who you remember, you would never believe she would evolve this persona.

But I suppose that happens when your character continues to exist while you take a break from the world as an actress. Whatever the case, I believe that Ragnarok was sorely lacking a Jane-centric narrative like this one. She contributes to Thor’s completion, or at least to the life that Thor longs for. A background montage depicting Thor and Jane’s relationship nearly in the vein of a “never before seen video” showed more chemistry between them than either Thor or The Dark World cared to convey. As I stated, really sincere.

Gorr is an excellent place to start as his beginnings also stem from the love of another. What was occurring with Thor was also happening with Gorr in terms of their commitment to the loved ones in their life since this movie imitates what the television program House M. D. did (where a patient with a particular peculiarity provided thematically for the physicians in the episode).

It doesn’t play like this for the whole movie, but it is still a present theme. Christian Bale is outstanding, but I’m not sure he has enough moments to show this. He both frontends and bookends the film very strongly and shows up here and there with shadowy minions, and he is a dominant presence every time he is on screen, but I definitely could have had more of him. He is never served as cannon fodder for Waititi’s comedy, so his scenes are always severe and impactful. His monologues are very captivating and will get a lot of clicks on YouTube, and the action set pieces with him are very diverse and engaging.

The idea is still present even if it doesn’t play this way for the entire film. Although Christian Bale is excellent, I’m not convinced he has enough opportunities to demonstrate this. He powerfully frontends and bookends the movie, pops up sometimes and commands attention whenever he is on screen. However, I would have preferred to see more of him. His scenes are always severe and significant because Waititi never uses him as comedic fodder. His monologues are incredibly compelling and will get a lot of YouTube views, and the action scenes he is in are pretty exciting and varied.

I like this sequel despite some of the awkwardness that was present. I can easily rank this above the other three movies since I don’t generally appreciate the Thor movies as much as I do many of the other MCU movies. The performers delivered excellent performances, the music was well-done, and the character arcs were well-developed. It was a visual treat. In addition, I like that it was just two hours long and that the writers refrained from needlessly including any more characters, even if they had been in earlier Thor movies. Although I won’t claim that the comedy in this movie perfectly fits my opinion of this character, I believe I can accept it because it is the funniest and most enjoyable Thor movie I have ever watched.

4. USER REVIEWS – 0/0 – Thor Love and Thunder Review


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