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A Passionate And Creative Individual

Vikram is a highly motivated individual with a deep passion for creativity. With a background in graphic design and a strong eye for detail, he consistently delivers innovative solutions. Known for his adaptability and problem-solving skills, Vikram is dedicated to creating impactful design experiences that captivate audiences and drive results.


MeaningA male name in the Hindu and Christian community
Rocket FamilyUnder development rocket family by Skyroot Aerospace
SpacecraftAn Indian Moon lander
CharacterCharacter in Baital Pachisi
Character in Film2017 Indian film Vikram Vedha and its 2022 remake
1986 Tamil FilmVikram (1986 Tamil film)
1986 Telugu FilmVikram (1986 Telugu film)
2022 Tamil FilmVikram (2022 Tamil film)
ActorIndian actor, born in 1966
Character in FilmVikram Bajaj, character in the 2001 Indian film Ajnabee, played by Akshay Kumar

Early Life

Vikram, born as Kennedy in Madras, was raised by his parents John Victor and Rajeshwari. His father, who appeared in supporting roles in Tamil movies and television serials, sparked Vikram’s interest in theater and dance. This led him to attend theater lessons and receive professional training in classical and cinema dance forms. Vikram’s mother tongue is Tamil, and before becoming a full-time actor, he worked as a dubbing artist in the Tamil film industry. He later moved to Austin, Texas, in the United States, where he achieved success in his acting career. Vikram is well-known for his roles in Tamil cinema and has received numerous awards for his performances.


Family MemberRelationship
ParentsJohn Victor (Father), Rajeshwari (Mother)
SiblingsArvind (Brother), Anitha (Sister)
Vikram, also known as Chiyaan Vikram, is an Indian actor who predominantly works in Tamil cinema. He comes from a family with a father named John Victor (Vinod Raj) and a mother named Rajeshwari. He has a younger brother named Arvind and a younger sister named Anitha. Vikram is one of the most decorated actors in Tamil cinema, with awards including seven Filmfare Awards South, a National Film Award, and a Tamil Nadu State Film Award.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

WeightNot available
Body MeasurementsNot available

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Here are some information about Vikram:

Current Relationship Status:

Vikram is married to Shailaja Balakrishnan.

PartnerMarriage DateDetails
Shailaja BalakrishnanUnknownShailaja Balakrishnan is Vikram’s wife. They have been married for an undisclosed period of time.

Previous Relationship Details:

There is no available information about previous relationships of Vikram.

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Vikram, also known as Vikram Kennedy or Chiyaan Vikram, is an Indian actor and film producer. He became famous for his versatile performances in Tamil cinema. Vikram’s career began in the early 1990s with minor roles in films. However, he gained recognition and critical acclaim with his breakthrough performance in the film “Sethu” (1999), where he portrayed a mentally unstable character. This role showcased his acting prowess and established him as a talented actor in the industry. Some of Vikram’s popular works include “Anniyan” (2005), “I” (2015), and “Dhruva Natchathiram” (2020). He is known for his ability to transform himself physically and emotionally to fit into various roles. Throughout his career, Vikram has received numerous awards for his performances. He has won several Filmfare Awards, Tamil Nadu State Film Awards, and National Film Awards. In 2011, he became the first Indian actor to receive a Doctorate from a European University for his contribution to the field of acting. However, like many celebrities, Vikram has faced controversies in his career. One of the major controversies surrounding him was the legal battle over the film “Iru Mugan” (2016). The film’s director and producers were accused of copyright infringement, leading to a court case. Despite these controversies, Vikram continues to be a respected and successful actor in the Indian film industry. His dedication to his craft and ability to take on challenging roles have contributed to his enduring popularity among audiences and critics alike.


1. What is Vikram? Vikram is a name given to individuals, places, or things. It can be a personal name, the name of a spacecraft, or the name of various companies or organizations. 2. Who was Vikram in history? Vikram was the legendary king of Ujjain, known for his valor, intelligence, and patronage of scholars. The stories of Vikram and Betaal, a ghost who would tell the king riddles, are popular folktales in South Asia. 3. What is Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre? Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) is a major research organization under the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). It is located in Thiruvananthapuram, India, and focuses on designing and developing rockets and launch vehicles for space exploration. 4. What is the Vikram Lander? The Vikram Lander was a component of the Chandrayaan-2 mission, India’s lunar exploration project. It was designed to land on the moon’s surface near the South Polar region and deploy a rover to study the lunar terrain. 5. Is Vikram a common name? Yes, Vikram is a fairly common name, particularly in South Asia. It has Sanskrit origins and is often given to boys, meaning “valorous” or “mighty.” 6. Are there any famous people named Vikram? Yes, there are several famous individuals named Vikram. Vikram Seth is a renowned Indian author known for his novels such as “A Suitable Boy” and “An Equal Music.” Vikram Batra was a brave Indian Army officer who sacrificed his life during the Kargil War, and Vikram Pandit was the former CEO of Citigroup. 7. Are there any companies named Vikram? Yes, there are several companies named Vikram. For example, Vikram Solar is a leading solar energy solutions provider based in India. Vikram Thermo (India) Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company, and Vikram Engineering Works is a manufacturer of industrial machinery. 8. What is the meaning of the name Vikram? The name Vikram is derived from Sanskrit, and its meaning can vary slightly depending on the interpretation. Generally, it is associated with qualities like valor, courage, wisdom, or power.

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