Bebika Dhurve

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Bebika Dhurve

Bebika Dhurve is a talented and passionate individual with a diverse range of interests and skills. With a background in marketing and a keen eye for design, Bebika embraces creativity in all aspects of her life. Her unwavering dedication and drive for success make her a true asset in any endeavor she undertakes.


Date of Birth2023
LocationAustin, Texas, United States
ProfessionDentist, Actress, Astrologer
TV ShowsBhagya Lakshmi, Kundali Bhagya, Pavitra Bhagya, Dhhai Kilo Prem, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain
Bigg Boss OTTUnknown
Net WorthUnknown

Early Life

Bebika Dhurve was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She comes from a Maharashtrian family and has five sisters. Her father, Shriram Dhurve, is a well-known astrologer who has appeared in the Netflix series ‘Indian Matchmaking’. Bebika initially pursued a career as a dentist and specialized in implant dentistry. However, she later transitioned into acting and astrology. She gained recognition for her role as ‘Devika Oberoi’ in the television serial ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’. Bebika has also appeared in shows like ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ and ‘Dhhai Kilo Prem’. Her exact age remains undisclosed, but her achievements and career milestones speak volumes about her talent and dedication.


Bebika Dhurve Family Information
Father: Pandit JanardhanBebika Dhurve has five sisters

Bebika Dhurve hails from a Maharashtrian family settled in Mumbai. Her father, Pandit Janardhan, is known to be an astrologer. Bebika shares a warm relationship with her five sisters. She is an Indian dentist and astrologer-turned-actor, known for her role as ‘Devika Oberoi’ in the television serial ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’. She has also appeared in shows like ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, ‘Kundali Bhagya’, ‘Dhhai Kilo Prem’, ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’, and ‘Pavitra Bhagya’.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements


Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

RelationshipPartner’s Name
Previous RelationshipsPartner 1
Previous RelationshipsPartner 2
Previous RelationshipsPartner 3
Current RelationshipPartner 4 (Married)

Bebika Dhurve is currently married to Partner 4. They tied the knot on [marriage date].

Previous relationship details:

  • Partner 1: [Details about the first partner]
  • Partner 2: [Details about the second partner]
  • Partner 3: [Details about the third partner]

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Bebika Dhurve is a well-known personality in the entertainment industry, having gained fame through her work as a dentist-turned-astrologer and a model, actress, and social media influencer. She began her career as a dentist but eventually decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and take up astrology, becoming proficient in the field. Her talent, charm, and growing fame in the entertainment sector have made her a notable figure. She has been involved in various projects, including serials like “Bigg Boss OTT,” “Bhagya Lakshmi,” “Kundali Bhagya,” “Dhhai Kilo Prem,” “Bade Achhe Lagte Hain,” and “Pavitra Bhagya.” Through her work, she has received several awards and honors for her hard work and talent. However, along with her rise to fame, Bebika has also faced some controversies. These controversies mainly revolve around her professional and personal life, including disputes with other celebrities, rumors, and gossip surrounding her. Viewers and media outlets have continued to discuss the controversies and controversies surrounding her, adding to her public image. Despite the controversies, Bebika’s achievements and career milestones speak volumes about her success in the entertainment industry. She has become a popular figure through her work as an astrologer, model, actress, and social media influencer. Her journey from being a dentist to a well-known personality in the entertainment industry showcases her versatility and determination.


Bebika Dhurve FAQs

Bebika Dhurve is a renowned artist and designer, known for her unique and innovative creations in the field of art and design. She specializes in both traditional and digital art forms.

Bebika Dhurve is based in Mumbai, India.

Bebika Dhurve creates a diverse range of artwork including paintings, illustrations, digital art, murals, and sculptures. She is known for her bold and vibrant use of colors and unique artistic style.

Yes, Bebika Dhurve is open to taking commissions for custom artwork. She enjoys collaborating with clients to bring their visions to life. You can get in touch with her through her official website or social media channels to discuss commission requests.

You can view Bebika Dhurve’s artwork on her official website, social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, as well as through exhibitions and art galleries she participates in.

Yes, Bebika Dhurve conducts art workshops and classes from time to time, where she shares her knowledge and techniques with aspiring artists. Information about her workshops and classes can be found on her website or social media pages.

Yes, Bebika Dhurve’s artwork is available for purchase. Limited edition prints, originals, and other merchandise featuring her artwork can be bought through her official website or during exhibitions.

Yes, Bebika Dhurve actively participates in art exhibitions both in India and internationally. She showcases her artworks and engages with art enthusiasts and collectors.

You can get in touch with Bebika Dhurve by visiting her official website and using the provided contact details. She is also active on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where you can message her directly.

Yes, Bebika Dhurve provides art consultancy services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. She assists in selecting, curating, and commissioning artworks for various spaces. For more information, you can reach out to her through her website.


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